Our Methodology
AMRES Technologies offers you a team of professionals with demonstrated skills in graphic design, database development, site production, and project management. You will find, however, that we set ourselves apart from other firms with our unflagging attention to the following priorities.

Careful planning

You understand the importance of planning communications projects. Careful planning is doubly important online. Your site will live and grow in the public eye for a very long-time and new Web-based technologies are entering the scene at mind-boggling rates. Good planning lays a foundation for developing a user-friendly site that satisfies the needs of your target audience. Good planning today enables you to add new content or features later on-without having to overhaul your site. Our priority is to help you avoid the great pitfall of the computer age: obsolescence.


As much as we enjoy leading you to the cutting edge Web technologies, we place even more value on creating sites that work. That means designing with an eye to how individual users will pass through your site, and how they will use your offerings. (E.g. Will they prefer to read everything on-screen? Are there some documents they will prefer to download and print?) And it means remembering that your audience may be approaching your site through early-version browsers or across slower modems. We specialize in designing sites that are visually appealing while remaining fully accessible to your target audience.


You understand your needs, your community, and your audiences better than we do. We therefore take a dynamic, feedback-oriented approach to site development. Our proposed work plan therefore includes numerous formal points of consultation-and every stage from planning to site launch. You may find this process demanding at times, but this is your site, and you will appreciate seeing your ideas brought faithfully to life online.


Your web site will be most effective if it stays fresh with frequent content updates. Typically, an organization will seek HTML training for a staff member, or will contract an outside firm for this work. We make it a priority to build sites that are straightforward to maintain. When appropriate, our programmers will build online publishing tools so you can manage your content without ever having to know a thing about HTML.


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